Piano tuning is the most frequent and important service your piano should receive.  Most manufacturers suggest 2 – 4 times a year.  Frequent tunings are required in Pennsylvania due to the changes in relative humidity and temperature in our region. We measure these changes at each service call. We also measure the pitch of the piano and document those changes for you. This allows you and the technician to come up with a plan of tuning frequency (no pun intended!) that is best for your piano. Regular, casual playing of your piano will not put it out of tune, dropping the heat a few degrees or turning air conditioning on and off will. Housing your piano directly in front of heating or air conditioning vents may affect the stability of the tuning, more importantly it may cause damage to the piano. Ideally, the piano is happiest when kept consistently at 68 degrees and 42% relative humidity.  We recommend quarterly tuning service and a Dampp Chaser climate control system to maintain consistent standard pitch.

Frequency of Tuning

Schools, churches and othe institutional buildings – 4 times a year and before major performances.

Private Homes – 2-4 times per year.

Music studios – monthly plus before recording.