Purchasing a Piano

The piano market can be a competitive and confusing world to navigate.  As part of our service, we suggest that you have us inspect a piano before you purchase it and have it moved to your home. Many pianos that look just fine, sold in good faith by their former owners can be unserviceable or may cost more to repair than they are worth. Check with us first, we want to service your piano for years to come.  Not everyone who sells you a piano has that desire or capability.  For the cost of a service call, we will evaluate any piano in which you may have interest.  If you are able to travel to see us, we can give you a free tutorial on what to look for before you send us out. This can help you eliminate many substandard instruments or ones in disrepair. Spending time patiently finding the right instrument gives you opportunity to make what could be a multi-generational purchase. A good rule of thumb is to buy a piano that is a little better quality than you think you need. A good piano will appreciate and, if serviced properly, it will last for generations.


Growing up in this industry I have experienced many cases of people getting a “free” piano or an inexpensive one that seemed too good to be true, or having a slick salesperson sell them a new piano that was poorly manufactured.

“Our son or daughter is just starting” or “There are no concert pianists in our house”, they say,” so we just went with this one” Often the piano is inappropriate even if it works to some degree.

Pianos we generally recommend have been restored or refurbished by seasoned professionals or made available by one of our clients. Many pianos we sell have resided in my home as my personal piano. If I would not play it, I will not sell it to you.